Side removal

Using our modular system, we assemble side removal solutions - tailored to our customers' need.
Whether one axis or four, 1 kg or 150 kg handling weight, we can supply the appropriate unit.



Outstanding in use with
  • 2-component machines
  • low hall heights
  • short cycle times


High positioning accuracy
  • even at high speeds
  • hardened, ground roller guides and linear axes
  • high torsional stability owing to ribbed aluminium or steel beams on the Z-axis


Economical in use
  • Mounting of the steel transfer beam for the Z-axis directly on the injection moulding machine
  • alternatively: freestanding on floor stands
  • low deadweight due to welded aluminium construction in the moving components
  • acceleration and breaking ramps prevent damage to mechanical parts
  • low maintenance outlay

Technical specifications:
  GLS 1-S
GLS 15-S
Load capacity (gripper with moulding)
1 kg 15 kg
Final drive
Servomotor Servomotor
Z-Traverse axis
700 - 1.500 mm
1.300 - 3.500 mm
X-Demoulding axis
- -
Y-Vertical axis
- -
Repeat accuracy
0,2 mm 0,1 mm
Position measuring system
Resolver Resolver
Max. demoulding force
0,5 N 0,5 N
C-Folding axis
0-90°, standard 0-90°, standard
Electrical interface
E 67 E 67

 A =  Asynchronous servomotor     S = Servomotor     P = pneumatic     A/P = motor-driven/pneumatic