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Even more of everything,
for everything

The biggest of the big. When tonnage is what counts, the RS 8000 is the granulator of choice. Equipped with an automatic feed system and regrind transport, it becomes a high-performance granulating center.

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 "Want to go a number higher?"
  • segmented frame rotor ensures optimal distribution of cutting force, ideal intake behavior and a low noise-level
  • thick-walled stock outages and hollow parts are seized flawlessly
  • optimized airflow reduces heat build-up
  • well-proven rotors for a very wide variety of granulation tasks

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Reliable in operation
  • rotor bearings positioned outside of the cutting chamber
  • smooth drive motor start to avoid current peaks
  • solid belt pulley ensures even more traction
  • rugged but nethertheless flexible by virtue of modular design
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Easy to clean
  • hopper and screen cradle open and close hydraulically at the press of a button
  • minimal cleaning and maintenance time by virtue of pre-adjustable rotary blades
  • short rotary blades simplify handling when replacing blades
  • optimal machine accessibility
Technical specifications:
Model RS 8012
RS 8015
Rotor cutiing diameter [mm]
Cutting chamber opening [mm]
1.200 x 950
1.500 x 950
No. of rotary blades
3 x 4
3 x 5
No. of stationary blades
Rotor revolution [rpm]
approx. 400
approx. 400
Motor power [kW]
Throughput [kg/h] *
1.000 - 2.500
1.500 - 3.000
* depending on screen size and material


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