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Diversity by request

Suitable for grinding of small sprues and faulty parts. The granulators can be equipped snd adapted individually depending on the task at hand or site of operation. It is also possible to realize various drive capacities.

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 Very easy to clean
entire cutting chamber swings out 
•  screen easy to remove 
•  no reset or dust-trapping corners 
•  optimal accesibility
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Blades always ready to go
•  after sharpening, just install an the cutting gap is correct
•  short maintenance time
•  scissors cut
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Rotating rotor end plate
•  seals bearind against dust
•  no trapping of material between rotor and housing
Technical specifications:
Model RS 1615
Rotor cutting diameter [mm]
Cutting chamber opening [mm]
150 x 230
No. of rotary blades
No. of stationary blades
Rotor revolution [rpm]
approx. 240
Motor power [kW]
Throughput [kg/hr] *
ca. 25
* depending on screen size and material



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