Granulation bit by bit

Regardless of whether edge trims, foil or scrap web with and without deep drawn parts - the right infeed system handles the task with ease. Extremely quiet for thermoforming or foil applications with smooth, knurled or toothed rollers. When integrated in the thermoforming line, continuous and adjusted foil feeding is ensured.


 Proven Technology
  • granulator with appropiate-size rotor diameters and widths for every application
  • cutting chamber and infeed device can be opened without tools very quickly
  • quiet granulation due to integrated sound insulation
  • low rotor speed for little dust and noise


Reliable infeed
  • pneumatically dampened dancer keeps foil or edge trim taut, avoids improper tension
  • adjustment to line speed through frequency-controlled infeed
  • both infeed rollers run synchronously
  • adjustable strippers prevent windings
Just in case
  • infeed rollers - smooth, knurled, grooved or toothed - nearly for every application
  • varying infeed heights and roller diameters available for varying moulded part depths
  • divided infeed system for edge trims
  • can be integrated in your system
Technical specifications:

Model RS 2400-E

Model RS 3009-E

Model RS 3800-E

Model RS 4500-E