... picks it, programmed

The quick beginners picker with its electric interface, in accordance with Euromap 12/67 - and its ideal price performance ratio. GETpick grips sprues up to 250 g.


 Simply safe
  •  integral tool monitoring function 
  •  diagnosis of inputs and outputs via keypress
  •  no programming error

Easy to use
  •  4-line display with step display in plain text
  • connection option for modem for remote maintenance

Easy to install
  •  strong aluminium rolled beams and light Y-axis
  • standardised console in accordance with VDMA E 6
  • for the fixed tool plate
Technical specifications:  

Load capacity
250 g (gripper with injection moulded part)
X-ejection stroke
50 mm
Ejection force
max. 0,5 N
Extraction cycle
< 1,5 s (dry run)
Y-ejection stroke
500 mm
Revolving stroke
opposite operating side
Working pressure
6 bar, flow pressure
Compressed air consumption
3 Nl/cycle
Electrical interface
Euromap 12
Electrical connection
24 V from the interface